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“Warp city”this gold card, Haining more and more bright
author:Administrator Published:3/24/2015 Views: 1143

"The world of warp knitting, Fenghua festival". Yesterday afternoon, held in Shanghai New International Expo Center is the world's largest textile fabric exhibition, 2014 China international textile fabrics and accessories (Autumn) Expo, the N5 Museum staged a warp knitting fashion show attracted countless people in fashion circles and eight favorable eye ball. This is the concern of the knitting fashion show of the Ninth China International Knitting Design Contest exhibition and awards ceremony. Yesterday, from the China Textile Industry Association, China Knitting Industry Association and many other aspects of the leadership and the leadership of Haining attended the ceremony and the winners for the award. This marks the last 5 months of the tournament a successful conclusion.

The 9th China International Knitting Design Competition by the China Knitting Industry Association, China International Trade Promotion Committee textile industry branch and Haining city people government to be sponsorred jointly, warp knitting industry association branch of China, Zhejiang Haining Warp Knitting Industrial Park Administrative Committee contractors, fabric design points race and costume design competition into two parts.

"Since the start in May this year, fabric design points race has received 400 pieces of works from the industrial cluster in Jiangsu, Fujian, Zhejiang, Tianjin, and many colleges and universities, covering clothing, decorative and industrial, warp knitting is mainly applied to the field. Clothing design by the National more than 20 textile and apparel colleges and universities recommended a teacher competition, each player to provide 8 to 6 sets of clothing works." According to reports, after fierce competition, Zhejiang Howard Johnson New Material Co., Ltd. the "burnt Velour" in one fell swoop under the current competition fabric design points race gold, Yellow River Institute of Technology Institute of art and design Yang Xiao Yan's works "traceability" fashion design competition gold medal; many other works were obtained of this session of competition silver, bronze and individual awards.

According to reports, the China International knitting design contest began in 2005, by the largest warp knitting production, processing and sales base - Zhejiang Haining warp knitting industrial park initiated and hosted. With the previous different is that this session of the competition for the first time for the complete chain of warp knitting industry, highlighting the warp knitting industry from raw materials weaving to the entire process of the product creative design, fully express the practicability and the forefront of warp knitted products, enhance the warp knitting industry product development and design ability. The contest also changed the format of the previous, variable as an invitation tournament, maximally improve the entries of the overall design level and works of the maturity of the market. In addition, the contest first use of domestic well-known event, the stage awards and award winning works exhibition, warp knitting materials, fabrics and finished the system intuitively display in front of an audience, to enhance the visibility and reputation of Haining warp knitting.

"Competition held for nine years, has spawned many warp knitting design works, let more people understand the warp knitting, pushed to the market the more the warp knitted products; also for designers to provide a platform that can really show themselves, self-improvement, realize the value, warp knitting enterprises to provide the product research and development oriented, provide terminal product fashion, practical, beautiful creative design ideas." Pu Xinda, director of the Zhejiang Haining Warp Knitting Industrial Park Administrative Committee said.

Due to 9 years of continuous held, China Knitting Industrial Association President Yang Shibin for the contest gave highly positive, which greatly increased the consumer awareness of warp knitting industry and products, expand the application of warp knitted products in the industrial chain, cultivating more outstanding warp knitting industrial design talent, to promote the continuous development of warp knitting industry provides the forefront and broad platform. "

Deputy Secretary of municipal Party committee of Haining, Haining City Mayor Dai said yesterday, "warp knitting city is Haining proud proud a gold card, warp knitting industry has now become Haining most scientific and technological content, most market competitiveness and one of the most dynamic industries, accounted for 20% of the country.