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we will train a team with wolf-culture
author:Linda Published:9/14/2015 Views: 391

We will train a wolf-culture team.

Team initiates wolf-culture nowdays,it is meaningful .Wolf-culture aim at:

1.wolf greed sprit :worker should pursue work and dream greedily like wolf

2.wolf cruel sprit :we should fight the difficulty without any hesitation.

3.wolf vagabondage sprit: flush the prey like the wolf

4.wolf violence sprit: clean every barrier stand in front of us without any mercy

5.wolf aim sprit:never give up for the ambition you choosed

6.wolf rule sprit : obey the rule like the wolf

7.wolf wisdom sprit :  work with scheme

8.wolf contribution sprit :give contribution to the team as you can

9.wolf team sprit: fight shoulder by shoulder for success